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RID Struthers Limited

Structural Engineers

East Sussex

RID Struthers Limited Structural Engineers have established a strong reputation for providing quality structural designs that are cost effective, efficiently constructed and tailored sympathetically to each project. 


Drawing upon over 30 year experience in the industry, we have developed strong productive and professional working relationships with building officials, architects, developers, property managers, contractors and other design professionals. 


Areas covered include Sussex, Surrey and Kent for residential projects, and as far as Hertfordshire, Essex and Hampshire for educational establishments, restaurants, hotels and other commercial contracts. 


Projects range from a modest historic cottage renovation in Rye, to new multi-storey educational buildings for expanding schools and colleges, to a new recording studio for one of the biggest bands in British rock history. 

Areas include Sussex, Surrey, Kent, London, Hampshire and Essex.

RID Struthers Limited


RID Struthers Limited Structural Engineers are particularly well regarded for attendance to projects that demand an immediate response to issues on-site as they arise during the build, trouble-shooting problems to give an on-the-spot solution to most issues.  This ability for being able to make decisions is one of our great strengths and advantages over our competitors, because we understand that when work comes to a halt due to unforeseen issues, an immediate solution that allows work to continue will avoid serious delays and costs. 


All calculations and drawings are created using design software that allows updating and revisions to the scheme, with sharing of drawing files between consultants being a huge advantage.  We currently use AutoCAD for production of all drawings, allowing us to build an extensive library of standard details that are constantly evolving and instantly available, allowing us to provide comprehensive working drawings for each and every project, no matter how small. 


Although finished documents are now distributed electronically, large format printing can be undertaken if specifically requested.  All data is archived securely, indefinitely, and would be distributed by email to contractors, architects and local authorities for Building Control purposes only upon approval of the client. 


This effective organisation and efficient use of technology directly results in a higher quality service, no matter the size of the project, with consistency and superior conformance to the project schedule.   


RID Struthers Limited Structural Engineers have an excellent reputation for producing a quality product with excellent customer service to architects, contractors, developers, commercial clients and residential clients alike. 

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